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My Reviews of the Best Masticating Juicers


Looking for a great masticating juicer? Here is my reviews of the best masticating juicers you would find today.

The Omega NC900HDC juicer is an expert level juicer that you would love. This system makes sure that the fruit or vegetable is stuffed into a small chamber, and that every last drop of juice, whether it is oranges or wheatgrass, is extracted. This product can also be used for other outputs besides juices.



The weight of the entire contraption is 18.2 pounds including shipping. The machine itself is 17.4 pounds. The dimensions of the juicer are 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches. The voltage requirement is 110 volts. This model of the Omega juicer, the 900, has the distinct advantage of having two key benefits that the other models don’t have – one, it has a larger feed chute that makes it easier for you to insert ingredients especially vegetables as they can be less than perfectly shapely, or can be quite leafy at times. The second advantage is the adjustment on the ejection port that allows you to get veggies in different consistencies. This is a big helper.

It is priced at $379.95 on Amazon. Free shipping is being offered on this product as of now.


The case of the machine is made from chrome plastic. This makes it lighter than usual. Also, the plastic is of a very durable kind. The masticating speed on this juicer is 80rpm. There are five adjustable settings. This allows you to get the most out of any ingredient. It is the kind of juicer that is continuous – you’ll keep getting product as and when it is done, simultaneously. There is also the system of automatic pulp ejection. The juicer has a total of six nozzles and two juicing screens.


– It comes with the company’s 15 year warranty. This is one of the best warranty offers in the market.

– You can use it for other products expect juices too – like baby food, almond milk, all natural nut butters etc.

– The large feed chute allows for easy cleaning. In most juicers, this is the area that can be a pain to clean.

– The chrome material gives it a very polished and attractive look. It can even be a good idea for a, say, Christmas gift.


– The machine isn’t made from metal, as a lot of juicers are. That makes it less durable, comparatively.

– Getting used to which pulp adjustment to use for which fruit and which vegetable can take some time up. The general rule of thumb applied is that it is 1-2 for fruit and 3-5 for vegetables, but this is not enough. It can get confusing selecting the adjustment for every fruit and vegetable. Just takes some time to get used to. For example, for carrots and beans, the best setting is 5.


The Omega NC900HDC is a good product. It impresses in all the important departments. It looks smart and sophisticated, it doesn’t bog you down with weight, it actually has useful new features that can make you feel the difference. If you are a person who only wants a juicer to make their morning orange juice for them, this is probably overkill for you. But if you are a person who uses fruit and vegetable a lot, or are into their juices, this is a sound investment.

The Other Popular Choice


You can also go in for the Omega J8007 juicer. This juicer comes with different functions and you also have a choice of colours. You have the matte silver colour which is really popular, and it has a wide range of functions. You can extract the juice of any vegetable or any fruit. You can also use it for purposes other than juicing, for example, for baby food or soy milk. It is an 80 RPM juicer, which means that the oxidation in the juice is prevented, as well as the heat buildup is minimized. This style of juicer is known as a masticating juicer. These are not the only benefits – a masticating juicer like this makes sure your juice is healthier. It tastes natural – like it is supposed to. Also, vitamins and minerals from the fruit or vegetable you used are conserved.


The dimensions of the product are 15.5H x 6.5W x 14.5D inches. It weighs 18 lbs. The juicer has a matte silver finish that makes it look very polished and modern. The product includes six nozzles and one juicing screen. The juicer operates quietly and does not create a distracting ruckus as some juicers tend to do. The juicer produces optimum quantity of juice due to its dual stage mastication extraction, as it takes out everything possible from the ingredients. This is done due to the high efficiency juice extraction system that this machine has – making sure that your juice is wholesome and your pulp drier.

The verdict

This is the perfect juicer between a simple one that only juices and a complex one with various settings and customizations. Its price tag makes it cheap and affordable. If you are looking for a decent juicer than also allows you to make other things in it, this is the perfect buy. The sophisticated look just adds to the charm. It is a great value for money buy – and the 15 year warranty seals the deal

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Top Inexpensive Ways to Eat Healthy

National Eating Healthy Day, proudly sponsored by the American Heart Association, shouldn’t be the one day a year when you eat more healthily, but if you are wanting to learn about proper nutrition it is a great place to start. Today, November 7, is that very day; so put in the extra effort, go the extra mile, you will feel so fantastic for having done it (those cookies and chips can wait another day). But if you are determined that National Eating Healthy Day should be more like National Eating Healthy Forever then read on, because we have found 10 inexpensive ways to help get you on your way. Not only are the below tips designed to make eating healthier easier for you, they will also make it the cheaper option too!

  1. Don’t go shopping empty-handed. It may seem really old-fashioned to trawl around the grocery store with a shopping list in your hand, but it’ll help you stick with your food goals (and your budget) if you go prepared. That’s not to say you can’t make impulse purchases if the mood takes you, but you will be far less likely to just buy junk food because it seems the ‘easier option’. For the more tech savvy among you use apps like Grocery IQ or shopper to help you stick to your list.                                                                                                                                       Woman grocery shopping
  1. Never go shopping hungry. School boy error! All your willpower and determination to eat more healthy will go straight out the window when faced with aisles of tasty snacks and yummy looking sandwiches. Just don’t do it. Take an extra 5 minutes before heading out the door to eat a healthy and nutritious snack or meal.
  1. Eat your greens. Do as your Mama told you and eat your greens. Not only are they good for you (think superfoods), they are so cheap and easy to prepare and can be squeezed into any meal. Seriously, the health benefits are just amazing!
  1. Make the right choices. When it comes to fresh or canned always go fresh. You’ll be avoiding unnecessary sodium, excess sugar and unnecessary costs. Plus fresh just tastes better anyway.              grate-fresh-tomatoes-instead-buying-canned-you-can-thank-us-later-w1456
  1. If don’t know what it is or you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. So many chemicals and highly refined (and bad for you) ingredients are pumped into processed foods; everyone knows high fructose corn syrup isn’t natural, or good for you. It’s so simple: if you couldn’t grow it in your own backyard, put it back. (Or buy the original, pick potatoes over fries!)
  1. Avoid refined. Refined sugar or refined flour are a big no-no. The refining process removes any goodness from the food. When they turn whole grain flour into white flour the bran and the germ are removed – these are the parts that we want! These guys are packed with the nutrients that our bodies need: the fibre, the vitamins, the healthy fats (yes fat can be your friend). Pick whole grain every time.
  1. Avoid anything with added sugar. Your drink doesn’t need to be packed with sugar to make it tasty, why not make your own by simply mixing 100% fruit juices with water? Similarly your food doesn’t have to be sugar laden either. Sugar is the number one cause of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. If you still have to go sweet, choose foods that are naturally sweet like beets, carrots, corn or sweet potatoes over those with added sugars.
  1. Save money by buying and cooking in bulk. Not only will it save you shopping time, but it will save you cooking time because you can prepare your meals in advance, what could be easier (and cheaper) than that?                                                                                                                     Woman with coins in jar
  1. Make grocery shopping day ‘food prep day’ too. You know what you have to buy to make your meals so keep the momentum going and prepare your week’s meals as soon as you get home. It will really help you stick to your goals and control what you are eating if you have your food ready to go.
  1. Don’t be drawn into the centre of the supermarket. Once you start exploring they have you. Stick to the edges, it’s a known fact that grocery stores typically place fresh produce around the outer edges.

So there you have it: 10 inexpensive ways to eat healthy. Good luck!